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Peaks of Europe

Why this project "Peaks of Europe"?

This year, things will change for me. I will turn down every job offer I’ll get from clients based outside of Europe, to go on an epic 5-month roadtrip all around the old continent between May and October. This has became my priority, my obsession. I want to drive the less-traveled roads in the Balkans, to hike the most beautiful treks of the Alps, these mountains that I only know covered in snow. I also want to go back to Iceland and Norway of course, and finally, most of all, I want to photograph the country of my parents, the country where I spent every summer of my childhood until I turned 17 and where I haven’t been back since 2009: Greece.

For all these reasons, I will spend 5 months on the roads of Europe. From Scotland to Macedonia, from Crete to Svalbard, I want to photograph the very best of my continent. Some legs of the trip I’ll be by myself, some others I’ll be joined by my partner Delphine or by some photographer friends.

The trip will be divided in 3 legs:

The North:

On mid-May, I will leave my hometown Liège, Belgium, to drive all the way to the Highlands of Scotland, where I’ll spend the first 2 weeks of the trip. From there, I’m planning to fly directly to Northern Norway, in order to avoid me a long and not-that-interesting-photography-wise journey. While I’ll be in Norway and Iceland (the whole month of June), I will ask Toyota Motor Europe to drive the car back to Belgium, where I’ll head back at the end of June, to pick up my partner for the second leg of the trip.

The South:

With Delphine, we will drive straight all the way to Greece, via Italy, taking the ferry. Once arrived in Patras, Greece, we’ll drive to Athens in order to take another ferry to Crete. That’s where the second leg of the trip will really start. During 3 weeks, we will explore my parents’ country, from islands hopping to discovering the old monasteries of the North. Eventually, we will reach the Balkans with Albania first. Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and finally Croatia will follow, before we finally reach the Alps. In total, we’re planning on spending two weeks in those countries.

The Alps:

We will start with the Julian Alps in Slovenia before reaching the Dolomites in Italy, where Delphine will have to fly back to Belgium. There, I will most likely be joined my a few photographer friends. Together, we will spend the follwoing two months hiking, camping and driving off the beaten track in the beautiful Alps. We will arrive mid-August, meaning the tourist crowds will start to leave and we will still enjoy the warm conditions high in the mountains. Slovenia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany will all be visited, before I make my way home mid-October, after an incredible 5-month journey and a few thousands photos to edit!